Watch Repair & Servicing

For precise timekeeping

At Goldsmiths of Shrewsbury we understand the importance of caring for your timepiece. Our showroom advisors are on-hand to help you to keep your watch in the best condition possible. Whether you’re looking for a battery replacement or a complete service, your precious items will be cared for by the very best watchmakers in accredited workshops.

Our accredited workshops will replace your battery using the following steps:

  • The watch is fitted with the highest quality battery available - A Swiss Renata battery. 
  • The contacts of the battery are changed if needed 
  • All gaskets/seals are changed
  • The watch is then sealed and pressure tested according to the manufacturer's specifications of the watch

Whilst it may seem costly, servicing is essential to maintain your timepiece to the best condition for years to come. Our accredited and branded workshops will return your watch after the following procedures: 

  • Firstly the strap/bracelet is removed for cleaning.
  • The case of the watch is removed and polished if requested, and the movement is disassembled. 
  • The movement then goes through the ultrasonic cleaning machine. All worn parts are replaced. 
  • The movement is then re-assembled and re-oiled. 
  • Gaskets are replaced and inspected. 
  • The watch then undertakes our stringent quality control that involves the watch being pressure and water tested.
  • Time keeping is checked for accuracy, the watch is then returned once it passes these tests. 

For watch repairs Shrewsbury, visit our showroom where our advisors are available to give you honest and professional advice on watch repairs and servicing needs.