Platinum Medium Weight Court Ring
The tradition of exchanging Wedding Rings goes back in time to Centuries long ago. It can actually be traced all the way back to the ancient Egyptians where writings that are over several thousand years old show couples exchanging rings made from braided hemp or reeds. The Egyptians eventually began using more durable materials such as bone, ivory, or leather. The tradition of the Ring being worn on the fourth finger of the left hand possibly originated with Ancient Roman and Greeks tradition - they believed that was where the vein of love was located, which was thought to lead directly to the heart. The Goldsmiths of Shrewsbury Wedding Ring Collection features a range of traditional bands, like this one - a Platinum 6mm Band. A Medium Weight, Court shaped Ring. Every Ring in the core range is available in a variety of sizes and metals.

We are delighted to present a beautiful selection of rings in a variety of cuts, precious metals, stones and designs. From elegant & classical styles to daring, modern designs, we believe our rings to be the heart of our jewellery collection.

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